New Irish MEPs Look Like The Morning After a Heavy Drinking Session, for Opening of the EU Parliament!

“Inclusivity” – When The Church Worships People From Outside, Not God. New Invalid Bishop of The Roman Communist Church Dancing With Africans in Ireland. “Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus”

“Islam Taking Over Streets is Wrong” – Indian Lawmaker. Can we park our cars in Mosques if Muslims can pray in our streets?

Families Come Out To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day With The Popular Parade in New Ross, Wexford

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Extreme Nazi Left Governs & Rules But Call Themselves Centrist or Liberal

Chicken Far Left? Fascist Force of Far Left Wing Traitors In Cork, Identify Themselves For Future?

Traitor Leo Claims Irish Better Off Than 10 Year Ago? Maybe His New Irish, Not The Indigenous Irish!

There is NO EXCUSE for poor rural broadband in Co. Wexford & Ireland. The Technology is there…

ENAR Captures Irish State With Over The Top “Anti Racism” To Hijack Irish Government & Set Agenda!

#Europhobia – Politically Correct Hate Speech. ENAR’s Shane O’Curry Calls White Victims Racist!

“Irish Are Male, Pale & Stale”- Report Zappone the Bigot to ENAR, but They are Anti Irish Too!

Fianna Fail, Fine Gael & Sinn Fein Betray Irish Fishermen & Coastal Communities – Lee Walsh

Enniscorthy’s Demise Caused By Lack of Third Level Education As Government Prioritises Regional Hubs

Water Charges WILL Come In With EU “Harmonisation” For Brussels To Control Everything

The Proclamation of the Irish Republic Read in Front of GPO on 103rd Anniversary of Easter Rising